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Mijn Vader

Part of "Father Daughter" a group show at Seventh Gallery 2018

Bina  Butcher  has  never  known  her  father  to  ‘settle’  in  one  place,  instead,  he’s  always  moving  without  resolve  which  has  furthered  the  distance  in  their  already  sporadic  relationship.  Reflective  of  their  interactions,  ambiguous  and  isolated, Mijn Vader; titled because of her Dutch heritage on her fathers side, explores  their  relationship  through  second-hand  information,  found  material  and  imagery.  Approaching  this  project  from  a  voyeuristic  standpoint  enabled  Butcher  to  pursue  a  detached  reflection  upon  his  wandering  lifestyle and allow for viewers to form different narratives about her fathers past.

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