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Bina Butcher & Tessa Beale

Sawtooth ARI Gallery 2019

Image Credits : Mel De Ruyter

Antumbra: the antumbra is the lighter area of a shadow that appears beyond the umbra, at a certain distance from the object casting the shadow. 


Antumbra is the second iteration of a collaborative body of work between Bina Butcher and Tessa Beale. The work focuses on contemplating what is frequently overlooked in the natural world. The installation exposes textures, colours or forms that highlight detail and offer new perspectives on conventional ways of seeing components of the landscape. Both artists have been travelling to different locations to unearth new tactile sensibilities and to gather material to alter and respond to back in the studio. These responses range from drawing, sculpture, sound, film, print and photography to documented interventions in the environment. This forms the basis of an installation that aims to create the conditions for slower, quieter consideration of our surroundings and our place in the natural world. Butcher and Beale have documented these responses in    portable manuals that can be used as guidelines for the viewer to approach their environment in new ways.

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