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Bina Butcher’s practice is a way for her to understand and reflect on the direct and immediate world around herself by exploring unnoticed aspects of daily life and fleeting, ephemeral moments within the natural world. Impressions are left within the environment; traces of life and movement now preserved in a static state. Butchers work aims to draw out unique moments, textures and surface qualities to enable quiet reflection and engagement with spaces we interact with on a daily basis which might otherwise go unnoticed. Primarily exploring the expanded field of printmaking, including photography, video, sound and sculpture, Butcher’s process lead practice encourages interaction with instances commonly overlooked and allows for reflection on transitory moments.

Since graduating from Curtin University (2016) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Butcher has been involved in several group exhibitions and a Residency at Midland Junction Arts Centre (2018). She has exhibited twice in the Fremantle Print Awards in 2016 and 2018, and recently exhibited at Sawtooth ARI Gallery in Tasmania (2019) alongside Tessa Beale.

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